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Presentation | French Society of Mesotherapy

17/11/2014 14:07:08

The French Society of Mesotherapy (FSM) was founded in 1964 by Doctor Michel Pistor. Its first President was Doctor Lebel, the inventor of the mesotherapy needle, succeeded by Mr Pistor in 1991. Since 2002 the presidency has been held by Denis Laurens.
The Headquarters of the FSM has been at 15 rue des Suisses 75014 PARIS since 1992.
In 2008 it has 880 doctors and we hope to exceed 1000 members in 2009.

The Executive Council was elected on 18 November 2011 for three years:

President: Denis Laurens
Vice-president: Georges Riaud
General Secretary: Philippe Salato
Associate General Secretary: Dragan Miljkovic             
Treasurer: Philippe Ducreux
Associate Treasurer: Bernadette Pasquini
Administrators: Christophe Danhiez
               Bruno Estève-Lopez
               Yves Jeanmaire
               Stéphane Ramaré

The Scientific Commission has the following functions:

Scientific Committee for the National Meeting
Scientific Committee for the FSM Journal, selecting communications
Establishing protocols for the multicentre studies
Publications of the best work in international journals
Monthly scientific press review on the website.

         Françoise George
         Bruno Estève-Lopez

         Yves Jeanmaire
         Georges Riaud

The Communications Commission has the following functions:

Management of the new website
Searching for commercial partners for the national meeting, the Journal, the year book and regional meetings.
Monthly general public press review on the website.
Writing articles for the general public media

Website: Bruno Estève-Lopez
Members: Christophe Danhiez
         Yves Jeanmaire
         Françoise George
        Dragan Miljkovic

The Legal Commission is there to defend our members in the event of legal action from the health funds, the Council of the Ordre or personal litigation (TAS)

Chairman: Philippe Ducreux

The SFM is sub-divided into two types of regional structures: the CERM and the CREM.

The Mesotherapy Research and Studies Circles (CERM) are branches of the FSM which were created on and after 1981 and group together a number of departments per region. They have their own statutes and internal rules and are financially independent.
Their role is to support excellence in mesotherapy and in teaching outside of the DIU (indications for mesotherapy in general medicine and aesthetic medicine)
Since 2008, they have provided the "FMC" and "EPP" in mesotherapy.
There are 13 CERM:

  • CERM Alsace Lorraine
  • CERM Aquitaine Poitou Charente
  • CERM Auvergne
  • CERM Bourgogne
  • CERM Champagne Nord Pas de Calais
  • CERM Franche Comté
  • CERM Grand Ouest
  • CERM Ile de France
  • CERM Languedoc Roussillon
  • CERM Midi Pyrénées
  • CERM Provence
  • CERM Provence Est
  • CERM Rhône Alpes

The Regional Mesotherapy Training Centre (CREM) are organisations centred around a DIU site. The CREM have neither statutes nor internal rules as their purpose is university teaching in mesotherapy for the treatment of pain.
There are 6 CREM:

  • CREM Centre Est
  • CREM Centre Sud
  • CREM Grand Ouest
  • CREM Grand Sud
  • CREM Ile de France Nord Est
  • CREM Sud Ouest

Chairman of FSM
Dr Denis Laurens

Welcome to the new 3D website of the French Society of Mesotherapy (FSM).

We have designed this site in order to best answer your questions about mesotherapy for both patients and doctors.

This site is divided into three parts: a general public area, an area for doctors who are not members of the FSM and an area for doctors who are members of the FSM.

I would invite you to visit our 3D OFFICES where you will be guided in each area to be able to access all of the available information.

The information provided on this French Society of Mesotherapy website is intended to improve and not to replace the direct relationship between patients and health professionals.

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Have a good visit !

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