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What is it? | Definition

07/06/2009 11:32:31

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy involves local injections administered on or beneath the skin, which are not painful (like desensitisation). The epidermal method is very often used.
• With needles between 4 and 13 mm long.
• Using disposable equipment: “manual” technique with a syringe and needle or “assisted” technique with an electronic injector.

What is put in the syringes?

Always substances used in General Medicine, available in Pharmacies but as multiple injections in very small amounts: strain relievers, anti-oedema agents, anti-inflammatory agents, vasodilators, calcitonins, multivitamins, etc. never cortisone.

Is it dangerous to health?

Every precaution is always taken to eradicate infections. No risks of viral hepatitis or HIV. Side effects are extremely rare.

What does it treat?

• Pain from osteoarthritis, backache, rheumatic pains.
• Neuralgia, migraines.
• Blood circulatory disorders (heavy legs)
• Sports injuries (strains, tendinitis, claquages SS, contractures SS).

Who does it treat?

• In principle everyone.
• Children.
• Adults.
• The elderly, particularly people who take many medicines and who wish to and can try and alternative way of administering the medicines.

Chairman of FSM
Dr Denis Laurens

Welcome to the new 3D website of the French Society of Mesotherapy (FSM).

We have designed this site in order to best answer your questions about mesotherapy for both patients and doctors.

This site is divided into three parts: a general public area, an area for doctors who are not members of the FSM and an area for doctors who are members of the FSM.

I would invite you to visit our 3D OFFICES where you will be guided in each area to be able to access all of the available information.

The information provided on this French Society of Mesotherapy website is intended to improve and not to replace the direct relationship between patients and health professionals.

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