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IMPACT MÉDECIN - Nr 287 - JUNE 25 2009
L'intradermo simplifie la vaccination contre la grippe

Author : Agnès VERNET
Vers une médecine esthétique sans risques?
Author : Nathalie Szapiro
Faut-il se piquer de mésothérapie?
Author : Jeohan Bonillo
Mésothérapie:quelles précautions prendre?
Author : 60 millions de consommateurs
Demain j'arrête!
Author : CH. D.
Article de Nice Matin du 30 novembre 2008
Author : Pierre Comet
Article de Nice Matin du 14 décembre 2008
Author : Isabelle Brette
Article du Républicain Lorrain du dimanche 17 août 2008
Author : Anne-Sophie Prevost


Chairman of FSM
Dr Denis Laurens

Welcome to the new 3D website of the French Society of Mesotherapy (FSM).

We have designed this site in order to best answer your questions about mesotherapy for both patients and doctors.

This site is divided into three parts: a general public area, an area for doctors who are not members of the FSM and an area for doctors who are members of the FSM.

I would invite you to visit our 3D OFFICES where you will be guided in each area to be able to access all of the available information.

The information provided on this French Society of Mesotherapy website is intended to improve and not to replace the direct relationship between patients and health professionals.

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Have a good visit !

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